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Darren news



12th June 2004 - Release Date For "Popular"

We can now confirm that the first single from Darren's much anticipated solo Album "The Tension And The Spark" will be "Popular"

The following dates < note these are for the UK > have been confirmed to us:

Popular to radio: 12th July.

Popular commercially released: 23rd August.

Album released: 6th September.

For those of you that didn't know I was lucky enough to hear his album already last month thanks to Darren and His team a few lucky quick to respond fans got spoiled ;o)
Its gorgeous, modern and electronic, gothic like some of SG's earlier stuff - like Violet. Its got hints of Depeche Mpde, Basement Jax and is really hard to describe.
Darren is back with the black hair and looking beautiful ;o)

If you want to find out more information for fans and D sightings or help promote the album go visit


or Darren's Main website here for official news and info on the last tour DVD::

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Where is the info about the dvd, i didn't see it on the website?
sorry thats just it - we waiting very patiently for it!!