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Um.. alrighty.. well.. HI! I'm Heather, 16, and from Indiana. As is probably obvious, I'm a Darren Hayes fan! He's my hero, and well.. just gotta love him, right? .. :-D

I saw himmm... in .. er.. 2000 maybe? I think? .. Last Savage Garden tour.. I could have met him, but then my mother decided it was too cold, and we needed to leave. (watch him have walked out like .. 5 minutes after we left, because we stood out there for a WHILE before she decided we needed to leave) .. That concert was UNBELIEVABLE, he is a spectacular performer.. I absolutely love him. When I went down to put flowers on the stage, he looked down at me, straight in the eyes, and I must say.. I think I was paralyzed for .. however many seconds that was.. My brain power went "Buh-bye!" then..

ANYWAY! Um.. Spin- Love it.. LOVE IT Love it.. (my best friend bought it and burned it for me, somehow, even though we're in the us, we got the 13-track version of it, with "The Heart Wants What it Wants" on it!!!) Although, I cant listen to it out loud around my mom.. maybe I'll explain that some OTHER time to spare anyone's boredom (ask if you wanna..).. TALK to me if you wanna, too! :) I'm new to live journal, make me feel loved? ... lol..
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