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I figured maybe I'd post..

Okay so some of you may have read what I'm putting on here already, it's from, but it's his thank you for his birthday stuff... very funnnnyyy..:-) at another point maybe I'll put up some of the funny parts from the chats he's been in? ... who knows... I just looked here and was sad to discover nobody posting.. lol

"I wanted to say thank you to everyone for making my birthday 'in hiding' a fantastic one.
I was overwhelmed by the emails, letters and gifts. You shouldn't have is what I'm supposed to say.
But in reality, it made me feel very special. Sorry I've forgotten most of your birthdays! Could you imagine if you expected me to remember? Could you imagine if I did remember. How incredible would I be? I can imagine my VH1 before they were stars interview with a voice over saying 'all this.. and on top of it all...the MOST thoughtful entertainer because he personally sings happy birthday to his fans in a g-string'. Actually I made up the part about the g-string. And the VH1 thing. And I hate g-strings. My point is I wish I could return the favour. So I'll have to just make sure this is
THE MOST INCREDIBLE ALBUM EVER. Yes I'm working on one. Ooops am I supposed to say that? Oh well....just did.
Love you..
xD "

Album, eh? Anyone else excited? .. what does everyone hope there will be more of?..

Also, what's everyone's favorite song.. or .. favorite SONGS.. from him? hmmmm???

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