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The Tension and the Spark London Listening party

Well wow what can I say????!!??!!
Got down to London earlier than I expected on Saturday and met up with the lovely Caroline who is looking stunning with longer hair ;o)
we found a starbucks next the venue and sat chatting with the other fans we had met there and waved madly when Mags and Bugs walked past with boxes of stuff.
We waited around outside til Sharon let us in, bubbling with excitement, signing forms that said we would not try to copy or video or tape the album and reveal its secrets to anyone.
Then they let us in finally and checked our bags. I was devastated when they took my camera away from me!!! but it was because it was a digital and I could record on it ;o(

After some shuffling and bouncing around trying to find somewhere to sit we finally settled and started filling in questionaires and ogling the very sexy photos of Darren that had been left on our seats for us.
Leonie gave us an intro and explained D's album was darker and similar to some of SG's earlier album and it was completely different from any of the recent stuff. -Unfortunately my stupid brain can't hold much info so I forget most of what was said ;o(
anyway now to the album. - The first track is gorgeous, deep dark, throbbing electronic music, definitely Gothic with Depeche Mode like throbbing velvet undercurrents. Definitely my type of music ;o)
It continued with the rest of the album - some lighter, romantic songs, all gorgeously modern and electronic, some disco beats - especially the Pop-py, piss taking Pop!Ular that will be the first single.
This was the only one unfortunately that I didn't like but I get the appeal.
The whole experience if very dance like - very good for clubs but also has some gorgeous, ballady elements hidden within. Darren's Lyrical genius is definitely still in force.
In some places it is over mixed - with some very strange notes and rhythmns that may take some getting used to but it is simply stunning, Totally new and simply scrumptious.

We were so stunned that it was a moment before we started to applaud and cheer ;o)

Mags and Leonie came back and we discussed it a little and then what plans that were in place for its promotion and when it would be avaiable - End of August/September (aaaaaaaaaaarrghhh!!!) but we may be able to have mini preview sound files on the main website to listen to in the meantime. and a new website for the album will be up soon
see the main website for further info on this..

Pizza and coke was laid out for us to munch on !!
and we all had to check under our chairs for brown envelopes that might be taped underneath for prizes;o)
We finsihed filling in our questionaires and I recovered my camera! - yeah we got them back so I then set out to prepare for Darren, the anticipation was growing heh heh.
Finally Leonie said she was going to fetch Darren!
Wow - he looked Gorgeous - all sleek and sexy all in black - a suit with a red satin lining and black shirt ;o) and a beaded rosary type necklace with black beads round his neck.
He thanked us for coming and over the Q and A it emerged that the album was all about come from Darkness into light and it had been very hard for him to write some of this album, and that he had been through a year of therapy during its making. He sings of some things that he had not dealt with in the past and he felt he needed to get things out now.
I put my hand up to ask a question and had to think on my feet as the girl before asked my question (his favourite song is called unlovable - which is gorgeous!!!), when he looked at me I froze and was speeechless for a moment !!! he had to look at Leonie because he could never remember when people asked him that but Robert and L helped him answer that the influences from other bands and he mentioned all sorts of people that I didn't know - but you guys would - I think Basement Jacks was one he mentioned. - The DMode influence came from Robert Conley who was in the room with us - He helped with the mixing and the writing and is simply the coolest dude (he signed my tracklisting for me!).
OK wish I could remember more things that was said but it was just too much for me really.
We got to line up at the end and met Darren and get our pictures signed and talk to him for a moment. - I'm soo proud that I managed not to flap and be cool when I met him (before and after was different though!!) - My camera of course didn't work so I had to leave darren's arms and go over to Sharon to sort it out and then go back to D. He is simple the cuddliest person. I had my arm around his back and holding onto his waist through his shirt - he is soo squeezable - my fingers were tingly (ok I was all tingly)
I forgot to smell him again ;o( but I did look him in the eyes while we talked.
He remembered my question and thanked me and we had a moment conversation about stuff that I can't remember now - but will come back to me I hope!!

Here be my autograph .....

When I had to let him go I wandered over to Robert who was standing at the backand asked him for an autograph and mentioned that I loved DM (he had a DM tshirt on)- he wrote Stay Hot on the listing as I looked so hot and flustered heh heh.
I hung around for a while waiting for my friends with Robert and Bugs, chatting and floating lol, then I had to leave as they needed to clean up for the next lot coming in.
I wandered off with Caroline and left to get back to Oxford ;o(

Pictures here ...
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